No Fault Car Insurance in New Jersey

patiosandponds-nj-auto-articleAlthough many states in America use what is referred to as fault car insurance, the state of New Jersey is a bit different. They employ insurance that is referred to as no fault. That means that no one is deemed to be at fault when an accident happens. This makes the insurance process a little bit different. For example, when you’re shopping for no fault car insurance in New Jersey from, you have to keep your needs in mind more so than thinking about how you might impact someone else.

If you have a new car or have a family at home to protect, you may need more coverage than others. This is so your car will be able to get fixed if you have a car wreck and your car incurs major damage.

The point of no fault car insurance in New Jersey is that the insurance company of each party is responsible for taking care of their client’s damages. That means even if you cause an accident, you will only be paying for your own repairs or bills. In a way, this makes driving on the road safer, because you know that if something happens to you or your car, you are totally covered.

At the same time, you may end up getting sued by the other party if the accident was bad enough. There are some injuries that allow for someone to sue who they feel is responsible for their pain and suffering if they can prove that someone hit them due to sheer negligence.

In general, you should get as much coverage in your insurance as you can to protect your assets and yourself. You don’t want to get in a car wreck and not be able to get a new car. You also don’t want to have to count on an insurance company that is not reputable or won’t have your back. That is why you should take your time and do a good amount of research before you choose a company and policy that is right for you and your needs.


Unlike other states, there is no fault car insurance in New Jersey. That means their laws regarding wrecks work a bit differently. Instead of the person at fault paying damages, each person pays for their own. This makes you more responsible for your own safety and property.

Frequently Asked Questions Homeowners Insurance NJ


HomeownersA lot of time, effort and money go into creating a comfortable dwelling for you and your family. It’s necessary therefore to insure that if anything happens to your property or possessions you have the means to cover your losses and not risk financial instability in replacing them. You can never be too sure especially if you have a high cost of living. Likewise, you shouldn’t overlook any and all accidents that may happen to other people inside your home. If you are found liable for their injuries, a homeowner’s insurance policy has provisions for legal representation if and when it is needed. Below we will discuss frequently asked questions homeowners insurance NJ.



It is easy to obtain homeowners insurance in New Jersey. Try a quick online search. To get you started, check out Now, lets review the main key points of frequently asked questions homeowners insurance NJ. A basic New Jersey homeowners’ insurance policy provides you coverage for the following:


DWELLING: pays for damage and/or loss caused to your house covered by insurance

OTHER STRUCTURES: insures that damaged property outside your home but within your premises like garages, sheds or fences are covered by loss

PERSONAL PROPERTY: covers loss, damage or theft of items contained in your dwelling

LOSS OF USE: covers secondary accommodation because your current dwelling is damaged and no longer be used

PERSONAL LIABILITY: pays for legal representation in case of injuries a person may have sustained inside your home which you are liable for

MEDICAL PAYMENTS TO OTHER: pays for of injuries a person may have sustained inside your home



A basic New Jersey homeowners’ insurance policy covers losses caused by:

-fires and lighting

-damage or loss by smoke, sudden or accidental



-vandalism or malicious mischief

-aircraft or vehicles

-windstorms or hail

-water damage, sudden or accidental

-heavy of snow, sleet or ice

-riots and civil commotion



The average citizen spends roughly $80.00 on home insurance every month. But not all insurance companies offer the same level or extent of service and these come with equivalent costs. It will be very beneficial to explore your options first to help you choose a package that suits your needs and that is well within your allotted budget. Additionally, you must take into account several factors (i.e. type of dwelling, location of home, number and cost of personal properties) to make a definitive choice. Finally, be sure to also keep in mind the frequently asked questions regarding homeowners insurance in NJ.